Memories of Melody Top: Remembering Milwaukee’s Summer Stock Theatre

The photographs below were scanned from a variety of previously printed pieces (newspaper articles, souvenir programs and promotional pieces). The original of the aerial shot was framed, and it hung on the office wall of executive producer Elmer Regner. It was presented to Mike Griebl when Mr. Regner retired from Melody Top. Please contact the webmaster if you have any items to contribute to this page. With the use of an excellent scanner, high-quality images from many different sources may be reproduced. All items, treated with extreme care, will be quickly returned to their owners.

Melody Top Aerial Shot

A fascinating view of the tent! The original color scheme of the tent and permanent buildings was green and white. It was changed to green and yellow, which is clearly visible in this photograph. From 1971-1973, the canvas was orange and yellow, and the final colors from 1974-1977 were red and blue. This is a view of the grounds, looking east, before there was commercial development around the theatre's site. Outer buildings are as follows, from left to right: the box office, the concession stand, a small tent for the Ringmaster's (V.I.P.) Club, and the large building which housed restrooms, dressing rooms, rehearsal space and a costume/scenery shop. The small tent in green and white was temporary, and it was used for prop and scenery storage.

Melody Top Parking Lot

Another aerial view of the grounds, with a complete view of the parking lot circa 1965.

Melody Top Tent

A photograph of the original tent structure.

Melody Top Sign

The theatre's illuminated sign on Good Hope Road.

Melody Top Inside

The often-used photograph of the theatre's interior.

Melody Top City Hall

Promoting the theatre on Milwaukee's City Hall.

Melody Top Wooden Dome

A postcard photograph of the theatre's wooden dome.

Melody Top Tent and Flower Garden

Snapshots of one of Melody Top's V.I.P. tents, along with a beautiful flower garden from the grounds. Both images are from the collection of Guy S. Little, Jr.

Color Melody Top Sign

Two pictures of Melody Top's famous sign on Good Hope Road, taken in 1967 (left) for HIGH BUTTON SHOES with Margaret Whiting and Gabriel Dell and in 1968 (right) for WHERE'S CHARLEY? starring Dell and Eileen Brennan. Both of these photos were taken by Laurel Ferch, who worked as a production assistant and dresser in the late 1960s.

Melody Top Dome and Banners

One of the very last professional photographs taken underneath the familiar dome, with decorative banners hanging above the lighting grid during the final 1986 season. Photo by William Browning, from the collection of Tom Marks.

Melody Top Vacant Lot

A shot of the theatre's former site, taken on Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

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